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Renovation contractor CBS Renovation is highly specialized in restoring and renovating existing properties to their original and improved condition. Where necessary, we renovate our clients’ properties. As an experienced renovation contractor, we ensure that such improvements or changes to properties are carried out thoroughly. Wherever possible and permitted, we enlarge spaces. The object is thus made usable again to meet current standards and norms. By applying our knowledge and implementing the latest technologies, CBS can ensure that the property increases in value after renovation.
Aannemer Renovatie
Aannemer Renovatie
Aannemer Renovatie

Examples of work as a renovation contractor

Are you unsure if CBS Renovation is the renovation contractor for your home or commercial property that you need?
You have come to the right place with our experienced team if you need renovation work such as the following:

  • Private homes
  • Investment properties
  • Retail property
  • Project-based maintenance
  • Business premises
  • Safety-compliant renovations

If you are looking for a reliable and experienced company for your renovation project
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