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Getting your house painted for a new look

The team at CBS Renovation is happy to get to work for you with a variety of painting jobs. Providing the house with a fresh coat of paint on the inside or outside can add a finishing touch that determines the final look of the property. It is therefore important that this is done completely to your liking and expertly done. Our team does this by offering this service towards the end of the new construction or renovation project, even before laying parquet, linoleum and other floor coverings. You can also call on our team for individual painting jobs.

“Give your home a new boost by having it painted, or add the finishing touches to your new construction project!”

Schilder Werkzaamheden
Schilder Werkzaamheden
Schilder Werkzaamheden

This is how we work

Before the painting work can be carried out, the rest of the new construction or renovation project needs to be completed. After this, our team can get to work on the painting work. To get the houses in perfect condition, we carry out the following tasks:

  • Preliminary discussion: of course, we first discuss your wishes as the owner of the property. You can specify exactly what needs to be done, and what your wishes are regarding the output (what colour, type of paint, etc.).
  • Surface preparation: it is important to rid the surface of any impurities that may cause roughness and staining. Degreasing and dusting the walls and ceiling will prepare the surface for painting.
  • Levelling finishing filler: after sanding, the material strengthens the wall. This also gives the surface an even white aesthetic appearance. As a result, walls and ceilings are ready for painting and wallpapering.
  • Painting walls and ceilings: the painting work can begin. Our team can also do suspended ceilings for you.
  • Checking progress and satisfaction: we strive to ensure that the work done looks perfect and that our customers are satisfied. For this reason, during the painting work, our specialist will check with you, the client, to ensure that the materials used and the colour scheme are to your satisfaction.

In addition to painting work, our team can also carry out the rest of the desired renovation or new construction work for you. Read more about our general work process here or contact us directly.

We are happy to make a cost estimate without any obligation

Examples of residential painting work

Are you unsure whether CBS Renovation is the right party to have painting work done? Then be inspired by the projects below that we have completed for other clients:

Having the exterior of a house painted

Besides painting the inside of a house, we can also take care of painting the outside of a property for you. By having the exterior of your property painted, you can leave a mark on its final appearance. Therefore, it is wise to paint the facades properly, carefully choose the colour and prepare the surface. Our painters can carry this out expertly and quickly, thanks to their vast experience in this field.

Process exterior house painting

Our painting services include the entire process, from the preparation of the building to the execution of the painting work. The process of painting the exterior of a home, consists of the following steps:

  • Preparing the facade: our painters will flatten the structure, remove the old colour and fill cracks. If the house needs insulation, we will do so if provided permission by you, the owner.
  • Applying primer: exterior painting is not possible without applying a primer. This is applied to the prepared surface. This ensures that the material absorbs the paint layer properly. The primer will be evenly distributed and the amount of material used will be minimal, reducing costs.
  • Equipment and materials: to paint the exterior of your home, we use modern equipment that sprays liquid in a thin layer. We also work with materials from well-known manufacturers, whose quality is tried and tested. If the property has several floors, we use scaffolding to get the job done. Our materials can withstand temperature fluctuations. We can realise painting in two, three or more colour tones. Our designers will help you choose a colour scheme for painting the property, taking into account the environment in which it is located and your capabilities and wishes.

Costs of having the outside of a house painted

Painting a house in the Netherlands requires special knowledge and experience. Our team ensures that the facade of your home will look beautiful and harmonious again after the painting work, and will remain in beautiful condition for years. Our specialised craftsmen carry out the painting work punctually within the specified time. The exact cost of the work depends on the complexity of the project and the price of the materials, and therefore varies per client. Our specialists are happy to provide a no-obligation cost estimate based on your requirements.

Benefits of working with CBS Renovation

Engaging the team at CBS Renovation for painting work on your property brings the following benefits:

  • Our company employs specialists with extensive experience in construction and repair work. Therefore, we offer a guarantee on the services provided.
  • We think with you and see what is possible in each situation. For instance, we will look for alternative materials at lower prices if the budget is limited. Our painters will provide a detailed quotation of the work done and the materials purchased, to provide transparency.
  • During house painting, we use modern equipment, allowing us to complete the work faster while delivering high quality.
  • We offer you the opportunity to spar with no obligation about what we can do for you regarding painting work on your home. Contact us by calling or emailing us. You can also leave your details on the site and we will call you back.

About CBS Renovation

We are CBS Renovation; a contractor, renovator and garden designer with a personal touch. Our professional roots go back to 1995 and we have both local and international experience you can build on. Our team works hard, as many as 6 days a week, and is made up of experienced specialists who can complete several complex projects.

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