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Dismantling works

Dismantling works in the Netherlands

Company “CBS Renovation” offers a wide range of services, including demolition works in Holland – in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Hilversum, The Hague, Rotterdam, Breda, and Eindhoven. Thanks to the extreme professionalism of employees and the use of modern technology, the work is carried out promptly and on time.

Types of demolition works

Our company specializes in carrying out work ranging from dismantling buildings to the construction demolition of an entire building. The process is labor-intensive and requires skill. Before finishing work, our specialist assesses the structure’s condition and calculates an estimate. If the customer is satisfied with everything, we begin the dismantling. We most frequently order:

  • SAF destruction. SAFs are lightweight structures up to four meters high and 30 square meters. The buildings have no foundation, and this is their peculiarity. To carry out demolition work need special skills and experience, which our staff has. We also use special equipment to safely dismantle and later remove construction debris for people around us.
  • Demolition of buildings. After work, we give a guarantee, and we leave a clean area after demolition. Factories, plants, commercial and residential buildings, and emergency facilities may be subject to construction demolition. All items of work done are in the contract, and we provide all documentation after completion.
  • Dismantling of concrete. We consider this material is one of the strongest, so its destruction requires much effort, but our professionals will quickly cope with the task. Concrete construction demolition works include dismantling foundations, walls, floors, and other reinforced concrete structures.

All dismantling works in the Netherlands are carried out under the law, considering all safety measures.

Stages of dismantling works

It would be best if you did not dismantle buildings without first calculating the sequence of operations. Demolition workers and bystanders can harm themselves if there is a violation of the rules, and the risk increases in densely populated areas. Therefore, our company uses only available equipment and adheres to an exact algorithm of actions before dismantling works in Holland:

  • We must inspect an object and estimate the building before starting the work.
    We make a detailed plan and design the work.
  • A list of tools and equipment needed for dismantling buildings is made.
  • We build a temporary construction site for equipment and set fences.
  • Communications systems are disconnected. They are disassembled and transported away from home.
  • During construction demolition, the roof is disassembled, and we remove the roofing.
  • Then we tore down the walls and disassemble the foundation.
  • Obligatory sorting of construction waste and its removal.

Demolition works in the Netherlands are carried out strictly under established regulations, considering the applicable regulations. The quality is assessed by the foreman together with the customer. Services are deemed completed after the object is handed over.

Advantages of cooperation for the demolition of buildings

You save time searching for equipment and specialists in demolition, cooperating with us. Today, no one uses metal balls to break down walls because the density of buildings does not allow this. Buildings can be demolished in several ways: by demolition or demolition. The second option is the best because it will enable you to reuse some types of building material or recycle it after sorting. In place of demolished construction, developers can build new apartments with better and more comfortable conditions.

Cooperating with us, the customer receives guarantees, fast construction demolition of the structure, and a complete list of necessary documents. Prices for services can be obtained from our managers or ask for a price list by e-mail. The cost of work is negotiated with the customer and depends on the complexity of the work performed. For those requiring additional assistance, we also provide dismantling services tailored to your specific needs. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our company for all your needs regarding the dismantling and demolition of existing structures.

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