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Transformation property

We transform vacant buildings for our clients. For instance, you can come to us for the transformation of office buildings into homes. CBS Renovation always goes back to the basics and then rebuilds a property in a sustainable way step by step.

CBS Renovation converts an existing building from the shell, the foundations and not infrequently also the stairwells and facades. This allows the property to take on a new function. New sustainable building materials are used during the transformation process. Energy and water-saving measures are also taken. With the available construction expertise and experience, we breathe new life into the most complicated old building structures

Transformatie Vastgoed
Transformatie Vastgoed
Transformatie Vastgoed

Examples of property transformation

Are you unsure whether CBS Renovation is the party you need to transform your home, office or other type of (commercial) property so that it can take on a different function? With our experienced team, you have come to the right place for the following property transformations:

  • Transforming offices into homes
  • Village houses
  • Garage companies
  • Churches
  • Farmhouses
  • Bank buildings and more
Transformatie Vastgoed
Transformatie Vastgoed
Transformatie Vastgoed

CBS Renovation: contractor transformation projects

Rather than looking for a property transformation contractor, are you looking for a different kind of contractor? Then check out our other areas of expertise and find out more about what our team can do for you:

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