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CBS Renovation specializes in home extensions for private individuals

Have you recently bought a house, but the living space does not yet offer enough possibilities to furnish it as you wish? Or have you owned a nice house for a long time, and is it time to expand the desired living space? Extending your home offers a way to optimize your home and increase its value. By doing so, you create the space to install the kitchen of your dreams, for example. You can also extend your home with a glass conservatory where you can retreat with a good book in a comfortable chair, or where you can set up a dining room to dine for hours with friends or family.

Extending a home is also a way to adapt your current home to a changing situation, making a move unnecessary. Consider creating an extra bedroom on the first floor, due to family expansion or because you yourself prefer to sleep on the first floor from now on due to reduced mobility.

Our team of designers, architects and builders will make every effort to translate your wishes into a concrete design, and execute it in a timely manner, accurately and at a very competitive price.

“The team at CBS Renovation can completely take the worry out of extending your home. We do this by delivering quality work in a timely manner at an affordable price and offer you a warranty on the work done.”

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Examples of private housing renovation projects

Are you unsure if CBS Renovation is the right party to complete your residential construction project? Then take a look at the housing projects below that we have completed for our clients:

Residential extension according to a well-defined approach

When we start working on an extension project, we first make sure that we have a complete picture of your wishes. Then we follow the steps below to realize the home extension:

Preliminary design phase: once you have contacted our team, we first make an appointment to come and see the property. During this inspection, the location and available facilities are analyzed. The available documentation of the property is reviewed and various technical options are listed and weighed. Through geological surveys, our expert assesses the condition of the soil and the characteristics of the site. (*We can also support you at this stage in applying for a permit for the house extension, if a permit is required).

– Deliver action plan: within three days, our specialists develop an action plan, including an overview of the tasks to be performed and a price quote.

– Starting work: after you agree to the plan and budget, and the contract is signed, we can begin.

– Preliminary work: in order to start the renovation, the necessary building and finishing materials must first be ordered and delivered to the site. We can completely relieve you and order the best building materials for you at excellent prices, thanks to our years of experience and cooperation with leading manufacturers and dealers. If desired, you can also pick and order the required materials yourself.

– Expansion project: Once the materials have arrived, you can start working on the expansion. Possible work involved in the home extension project includes building a foundation, reinforcing the facade, installing wood frame walls and insulation, masonry exterior walls, roofing and roof construction, heating and electrical work. Our team works six days a week and observes modern environmental, technical and sanitary requirements and standards. We try to keep your burden as low as possible during the construction project. However, we do keep you informed of progress through continuous reporting.

Read more about what steps are taken when you decide to have your home built out by our team here.

We are happy to make a cost estimate without any obligation

Examples of home extensions

Don’t you have a clear picture of the possibilities for expanding your home yet? Be inspired by the projects below that we have realized for previous clients:

On what points can a home be extended?

A house can be extended in several ways, such as:

  • Home extension in the back (e.g. garden room or conservatory with skylight)
  • House extension at the front (eg bay window, conservatory)
  • Extension on the side of the house (eg bay window, glass conservatory)
  • Second floor extension
  • Add a second floor to the house
  • Convert a small existing room into a studio, including a bathroom
  • Building a garage on the house
  • Replacing the roof, and possibly adding a dormer window

Costs of extending a house

The cost of building an extension to a house varies depending on the complexity of the project (where does the house need to be extended, and how complex is the design?) and the material that will be used to construct and finish the extra space. Based on our experience, we can say that a house extension costs approximately between €600 and €1200 per cubic meter (including material costs and VAT). Our experts will be happy to think with you about how best to expand your home, taking into account your situation and budget, and give you a time and cost estimate.

About CBS Renovation

We are CBS Renovation; a contractor and remodeler with a personal touch. The founders’ professional roots go back to 1995, and we have both local and international experience you can build on. Our team works hard, and consists of skilled and experienced specialists who can accomplish all kinds of complex expansion projects. Moreover, we take an individual approach to each client and property. You can hire us to build out your property on a turnkey basis or personally supervise the work process.

Our core values:

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Frequently asked questions about house extensions

Below we address some frequently asked questions in the field of home extension for individuals. If you have any remaining questions, please feel free to contact us.

No permit is generally required for an extension up to 4 meters. If your property is in a protected urban area, is a municipal or national monument, or has a municipal ordinance, you will in all likelihood need to apply for a permit. Our company can obtain this information on existing restrictions for you free of charge.

Our company works with architectural firms that can apply for an environmental permit on your behalf. The cost of this service will be discussed with you in advance.

Permission for the construction of an extension is generally not required, but it is advisable to consult before beginning, as the extension may affect their interests. If your property is affiliated with an Owners’ Association, prior permission is required from the other members of the Owners’ Association (VvE).

The duration of the work depends on the length of the environmental permit application process. Application for a permit from the municipality takes 8 weeks, which the municipality may extend once by 6 weeks. We cannot begin construction until we have permission. If you are ordering new windows, please note that production and delivery takes 5-8 weeks.

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We are happy to make a cost estimate without any obligation

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