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Renovating a home is different from doing a complete new construction project. It involves repairing, expanding or modernizing an existing home so that it meets the standards and norms for modern homes. Whether it is modernizing a home, expanding living space, or making a home usable that has fallen into disrepair due to overdue maintenance. Our team has the expertise and experience to perform your home renovation. This means you don’t have to hire all sorts of separate parties, but can rely on us for both design and execution.

“By having your home renovated and delivered in improved condition, you can increase both your living convenience and the value of your home.

Renovatie Woningen
Renovatie Woningen
Renovatie Woningen

How we renovate your house

If you choose to have your home renovated by CBS Renovation, we get to work according to a set methodology. Through the following steps, we realize a timely service that meets the needs of our private customers:

  • Preliminary design phase: once you have contacted our team, we first make an appointment to come and inspect your home. During this inspection, a detailed analysis of the site and the facilities available is made. We also review the available documentation of the property and list and weigh the various technical possibilities. Through geological surveys, our expert assesses the condition of the soil and the characteristics of the site.
  • Deliver action plan: within three days, our specialists develop an action plan, including an overview of the tasks to be performed and a price quote.
  • Launch of work: after you agree to the plan and budget, and the contract is signed, work can begin.
  • Preliminary work: in order to start the renovation, the necessary construction and finishing materials must first be ordered and delivered to the site. Thanks to our years of experience and cooperation with leading manufacturers and dealers, we can completely relieve you of this task and order the best building materials for you at excellent prices. If desired, you can also select and order the required materials yourself.
  • Renovation project: As soon as the materials arrive, the renovation can begin. Our team works six days a week and carries out the renovation according to modern environmental, technical and sanitary requirements and standards. We try to take as much off your hands as possible during the home renovation. However, we do keep you well informed of progress through continuous reporting.

Read more about what steps are followed when you decide to have your home renovated by our team here.

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Examples of home renovation projects

If you are not yet sure if CBS Renovation is the right party to complete your private renovation project, you can be inspired by the projects below that we have completed for other clients:

On which aspects to have a home renovated?

A home renovation can be done to improve a home in various ways. For example, the structure of the home can be changed, technical systems can be added or technical equipment can be installed. Possible work we perform during home renovation:

  • Modifying the roof, foundation or facade;
  • Adding floors or adjusting the height of floors;
  • Adding or merging spaces;
  • Changing the placement and position of walls, partitions, stairs, door, and window openings. We can also take care of renewing the electrical, plumbing, and decorative finishing touches needed

About CBS Renovation

We are CBS Renovation, a contractor and remodeler with a personal touch. The founders’ professional roots go back to 1995, and we have both local and international experience you can build on. Our team works hard (6 days a week), and consists of experienced and skilled specialists who can accomplish all kinds of complex renovations and construction projects. Moreover, we take an individual approach to each client and property.

Our core values:

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