Tile laying in the Netherlands

Tiling work in the Netherlands requires special knowledge and skills. If the tiles are not laid correctly, then, after a while, they will crack and fall off. It will worsen the appearance at home. You should choose the necessary material to get the desired facing walls result. The tiles required should match the doors and windows; the kitchen will look stylish. Light-colored tile expands the space, and is ideal for small rooms. Dark and contrasting shades are better for large rooms. To get a unique interior of apartments, you can decorate with tiles of different sizes.

Our team includes professionals. Therefore, a guarantee is given for the services performed, which confirms the quality of the job done

Laying process

Tiles fitting work is carried out in several stages:

1. Before work begins, the estimate of the object is done, and the approximate cost of the service is determined.

2. The wall is carefully prepared. Old tiles and wallpaper are removed, the cracks are sealed, the surface is smoothed.

3. A preliminary layout of the pattern is made.

4. The handyman for tile work, with the help of mortar applied to the surface, begins laying tiles, carefully selecting the pattern, and adhering to the necessary distance between the elements.

5. After 24 hours from the beginning of laying the tile, the handyman tiler performs grouting of joints. Depending on the desired effect, a color-changing pigment is added to the grout. And instead of the usual gray joint, you get white, silver, blue, gold, or other shades of grout.

6. Tile work contractor checks the work done with the customer for defects. If all is well, the necessary documents are prepared for payment.

Custom tile installation is done on a turnkey basis to create a unique design. The cost of such a project is determined individually. It depends on the complexity of the work and the size of the area of tile laying.

The cost of tile laying

Customers can calculate the approximate tile work cost in the Netherlands (Holland). They are using a built-in calculator on the website. Or they get a more exact calculation, calling our company. We also provide a price list for all the types of work, sending it on request. The specialist during the development of the shift takes into account: the cubature of the surface for tiling, quality, and variety of tile, the complexity of the pattern, and the floor where the tiler services will be provided.

For regular customers and large orders, the company provides good bonuses, which favorably affects the customer’s budget. Prices are calculated individually for each object.

Why is it better to turn to professionals?

Our wall tilers in the Netherlands (Holland) have the appropriate education and experience working with tiles of different textures and types, so they perform the work promptly and on time. We work with businesses and individuals, providing services on a turnkey basis and carry out the replacement of tiles, agreeing the timing with the customer. The service is available in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Hilversum, The Hague, Rotterdam, Breda, Eindhoven.

We are loyal to each client, so we try to satisfy all their requirements, constantly improving the level of service.


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