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There can be many options for landscaping design which will make the environment on the site at the same time individual and unique. To do this, you must move away from the stereotypes of creating typical Japanese gardens, landscapes of Provence, etc. It is enough to define a few essential elements, give free rein to fantasy, and engage in complete improvisation. It is necessary, at a minimum, to know what you can choose from to determine what style you would like to see the garden’s landscape design. Our company will be happy to help you with any decision on the design of your home plot in your garden design in the Netherlands (Holland). We also provide our services in Hilversum, Amersfoort, Almere, Utrecht, and Amsterdam.

We usually start working on a plan to transform a small garden landscaping with a choice of functional areas you would like to see in its place. The quality of our work is essential to us. After all, every site has its characteristics. And landscaping is a subtle art where you can add different landscape architecture. It is clear that each owner in this regard will have its own opinion, and yet most often in the boundaries of the area, trying to fit:

  • an apartment building;
  • a parking space;
  • a garage;
  • a guest house;
  • a bathhouse;
  • outbuildings;
  • sitting area with a barbecue or barbecue;
  • pergola;
  • summer kitchen;
  • smokehouse;
  • playground;
  • flower beds;
  • pond;
  • paths and alleys.

If you prefer traditional landscaping, a small area will be sufficient for its arrangement. Determined with a list of mandatory for your objects, you should move on to their placement on the site plan. Most often, this is done schematically, but you can create a full-fledged layout with some skill. Our specialists have extensive experience with landscape design, and we have excellent landscapers in the Netherlands. We agree on all the details with you in advance. You can turn to us as professionals. We visit the site, estimate a plan, note the features of your site, and agree on what objects you would like to have as a landscape design on your territory. We determine the timing and price.

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Different elements for your landscape design solutions

  1. Winding paths and alleys lined with natural materials.
  2. A multitude of perennials.
  3. Neat, carefully trimmed lawns. They are the main object of aesthetic attractiveness of the garden plot of 6 hectares and the place of organization of recreation corners.
  4. An artificial pond can create a unique view of your territory.

Why you should order our landscape design services

Immerse yourself in a world of complete and exclusive design solutions. Reward yourself with unbridled luxury created especially for you. An impeccable combination of ideas and individual as well as the creative approach in the design of areas created especially for you.

We aim to find the solution you want, combining functionality and quality. It made our projects the best choice for our customers.
Our job is to create a wonderland out of your vision and your preferences. Our dedicated team of landscape designers works tirelessly to create the design you’ve always required and dreamed about it.

We do everything we can to ensure the process of designing your luxurious site goes according to plan. From the initial consultation, where our experienced managers gather essential information, to project delivery and further implementation, we are here to help you and guarantee the quality of the work done.

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