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Exterior painting the house

Exterior painting of the house in the Netherlands

The facade’s appearance indicates its owners’ good taste and neatness. That’s why it’s better to paint the fronts properly, carefully selecting the color and preparing the surface. Our exterior house painters will quickly handle the most complicated task, as they have extensive experience in this field.

Services are provided in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Hilversum, The Hague, Rotterdam, Breda, and Eindhoven at an affordable cost. To order, call our company with the exact address of the object. Our painting contractor will give you an estimate and offer an appropriate solution based on your budget and the condition of the building’s surface.

Painting your house exteriorProcess of painting a building

Repainting a house is not difficult at first view. But there are some pitfalls that the specialist will tell you about. Our exterior painting services include the entire process, from building preparation to painting. For us, no matter whether residential or commercial objects, we try to do everything possible to make our clients satisfied with the work done. In this case, a guarantee is given for all the services provided.

The process of outside building painting consists of several stages:

  • Facade preparation. Our contractors surface the structure, remove the old color, and fill the cracks. If the house needs to be insulated, with the owner’s permission, we will do it.
  • Exterior home painting is not possible without a primer. It is applied to the surface prepared. This ensures that the material does not take in a layer of paint. Then it will lay evenly, and the amount of material consumption will be minimal. It will save the customer’s budget.
  • To make your repainting exterior house look perfect, we use modern equipment which sprays liquid in a thin layer.

For the work, we use materials from well-known manufacturers, the quality of which is time-tested. If the object has several floors, the exterior house painters in the Netherlands (Holland) create scaffoldings. Our materials are resistant to temperature, and precipitation is used for painting. It is essential because there are colors that quickly burn out in the sun. This fact is taken into account. We can make the painting in two, three, and more color shades for extraordinary personalities. Our designers will help you choose a color scheme for painting a building, considering the landscape and surroundings. It all depends on your capabilities and desires.

We use paints for the facade:

  • PVA-based paint. The material is not expensive and is great for the budget option. It is not sufficiently resistant to precipitation, so it is rarely used. Outside building painting is generally used to quickly give a well-groomed look to a home for sale.
  • Butadiene Styrene. Have a good waterproofing effect, but some shades may fade under UV exposure.
  • Acrylic paints have good performance data but are much more expensive than the above. It is not every customer’s affordable. It serves as a coating for 10-15 years. It covers the cost of repainting the building budget paints well.

If you require exterior house painting, do not waste your time. We will do everything for you. After all, if you are not an expert in outside building painting, the color cannot lie flat, which would spoil the facade.

Why Choose us for painting your house exterior?

We employ professionals in their field. The work is done promptly within the stipulated time. Clients pay for the result. Our exterior house painting services in the Netherlands (Holland) mean local repairs when you only need to work on the part of the facade. We will match the color and renovate the building. Prices for home painting services have an average range, so they are available to different categories of customers. The cost of exterior painting work depends on the project’s complexity and the materials’ price. Home exterior painting estimate runs for each client individually.

Painting a house in the Netherlands (Holland) requires special knowledge and practice. You will get a beautiful and harmonious facade if you come to us. It will retain its attractiveness for many years.

Still, consider contacting us. Weigh the pros and cons, and you will see that it is better to trust the work of professionals than to waste your time, which you can devote to your family.

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