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Expanding your living space

Do you dream of a large spacious home with a beautiful kitchen or terrace, but your living space does not allow it? Our company will help you solve the problem. We employ professionals with extensive experience. Therefore, the house renovation will be ready in the specified time. Work done is given a guarantee, indicating the seriousness of our organization.

We will help build an extension on the house, adding extra space for you to realize your ideas. With our services, you can make your dream come true and enjoy a new spacious living room or bedroom.

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Our services

Our company provides a wide range of services, including building an extension of your house. We work in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Hilversum, The Hague, Rotterdam, Breda, Eindhoven. What you can order with us:

  • Second-floor enlargement.
  • Expansion of the first floor.
  • Construction of the garage.
  • Complete redevelopment of the cottage.
  • Building of residential and commercial buildings.
  • Roofs replacement.

And other types of buildings. Cost depends on the complexity of the project and the material used: brick or timber. Our home extension builders will first estimate the side of the house, considering the landscape and soil composition. After, we will quickly build a double-story or single-story house using quality materials. After preparatory work, the house extension will build up the frame of the future building.

Today more and more clients choose a wooden house with a spacious first floor. It is environmentally friendly, chic, and fits perfectly into any landscape. Living in such a house is warm and comfortable, and the extension house is easy to maintain.

Leave an application on the website to order home extension services in the Netherlands (Holland). We also recommend the following:

1. Specify a list of works to be carried out by our builder;
2. Materials to use;
3. Share pictures of your home and landscape;
4. Specify the measurements of the desired building.

After processing the application, we will contact you to clarify the nuances of the transaction. Calling a master on-site inspection of the object where the home extension will be is mandatory. Our expert has to ensure that the measurements are correct and that the existing building is reliable. After expert appraisal and agreement on the price of the works, our specialists get down to work.

Advantages of our company

Want to build an adding extension to your house but don’t know how? We’ll help you. Cooperating with us, you get a full range of services at a competitive price. Our masters work with wood, brick, and other materials. It expands the possibilities of design execution. Extending houses in the Netherlands is no problem. We use modern equipment and materials of the highest quality that guarantee future construction reliability and safety. Also, our craftsmen can quickly make the space re-planning on the design project. You can make a studio from a simple room or attach a kitchen, bathroom, or pantry.
Working with us, you get the following:

  • Guarantees on work performed.
  • Polite attitude from the masters.
  • Adequate prices.
  • Completion of work on a house extension in time.
  • Creating a design project considering the client’s lifestyle and financial capacity.

We employ only honest workers. That is why you can be sure of the safety of your property. Reviews of satisfied customers on our site tell you about the seriousness of the company and the quality of service. Our goal is to fully satisfy the customer by doing quality work at an affordable price.

Why order services from us?

Do you need interior design help? We will help you create a comfortable atmosphere. Your house will look spacious and comfortable, whether you’re considering renovations and extensions or simply looking to refresh your interior. Here, you will welcome your guests and surprise them with the beauty of the interior and good taste.

Our masters are honest and responsible. You can order services on a turnkey basis or personally monitor the work process. We work for the client, constantly improving service and ensuring that every aspect of your project, including the cost of adding an extension to the house, is transparent and tailored to your needs.

Our interior designer in the Netherlands (Holland) has vast experience and appropriate education. He is constantly improving his qualifications, which allows us to offer modern and creative design projects. The positive feedback from our clients confirms our company’s reliability rate.

It is enough to fill out a simple form on the website or contact us in any way convenient for you to order our services. We will arrange an appointment and discuss the project’s cost by our client’s wishes.

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