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Repair and installation of doors

Repair and installation of doors

Over time, the door material wears out, and the door can get considerable damage and defects. It can occur due to various reasons. For example, it can happen because of an unprofessionally opened lock, a heavily “slammed” door, poorly lubricated hinges, poor quality welding work, or an unfixed armor plate. To do this, you can call our door installers in the Netherlands, and they will perform the repair.

Various door repairs in the Netherlands (Holland)

An unprofessional door lock opening often leads to replacing the wave, the latch, or repair, sometimes a serious one, using welding. Metalwork should also be approached wisely. There is no need to break the lock with a crowbar. There are special tools for that, and you can call our handyman to install doors.

Our professionals will do everything with good quality and timing for the door repairs. It does not require a significant expenditure of money and is more profitable financially than installing new ones.

We repair any residential and commercial variants: metal, wooden, plastic, herringbone, garage, entry, and interior doors for your home. We have enough experience in door repairs in the Netherlands and such cities as Hilversum, Amersfoort, Almere, Utrecht, and Amsterdam.

As a rule, we use welding when working with metal ones. We remove the trim and then restore it while leaving the metal structure in place. We work with MDF, leatherette, and other materials.

Suppose you want to do something other than repair but to improve the security and safety features. In that case, we can increase the thickness of the metal, reinforce the structure and attach a manganese plate to prevent the locks’ mechanical and automatic forced entry.

Our company’s specialist will estimate the cost of the work and perform excellent service with a guarantee for his work. There is a possibility to calculate per square foot to know the price for the complete result. We have  something to show a potential customer:

  • standard and non-standard windows: arched, triangular, trapezoidal,
  • entrance and interior,
  • office partitions,
  • winter gardens,
  • plastic and aluminum showcases,
  • roll-up systems,
  • automatic garage, industrial doors.

What do we offer?

Over time, the design becomes obsolete and often requires replacing the upholstery or installing a new door. But most problems arise during operation and only a tiny part of the wrong opening. We repair and replace wood models in both cases if necessary.
Door contractors of our company will fulfill any job in the shortest terms.

Our company has been on the market for years, thanks to which we are proficient in all modern technologies.

We keep the balance between new ideas and existing experiences, pursuing one single purpose to provide comfort and coziness, satisfying the tastes of the most demanding customers.

When ordering service from us, everyone, with hundred-percent confidence, can be sure that for quality and safety.

Experienced specialists will lead the buyer to the most suitable variant of services for door installation.

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