Parquet flooring laying

Parquet flooring looks harmoniously in any interior style. It is necessary to lay wood flooring and to give an aesthetic appearance, sanding, and polishing to make the flooring last for a long time. Therefore, you cannot do without specialized tools and appropriate experience.

Our company offers services for parquet installation on floorboards, chipboard, and concrete at an affordable cost. We calculate it per square foot. Services are available in: Amsterdam, Utrecht, Hilversum, The Hague, Rotterdam, Breda, Eindhoven.

Stages of parquet laying

Our parquet flooring fitters carry out work in several stages:

  1. Before the specialist starts his work, he will estimate the floor surface and make a screed to level it out. In the beginning, the master taps the surface to identify voids. He also measures the humidity of the room and the air temperature.
  2. Professionals check the surface evenness with a laser level, measuring the map laying parquet floor. If the height difference is not more than 2 mm, the parquet floor installers proceed to the plywood installation.
  3. Plywood installation is the most critical part of the job. If the technology is not respected, the plywood will peel off along with the leveling layer. Therefore, the specialist must perform the work with the appropriate experience in this field. Before laying plywood screed primed and laid material resistant to moisture squares 76 to 76 cm, fixing it with 9 screws. The thickness can vary from 10-22 cm. In a place where there are communications, plywood glued to a special adhesive squares 30 to 30 cm, with an indentation of 10 mm from the wall.
  4. After that, the parquet floor fitters in the Netherlands are grinding plywood. The level of height difference after sanding plywood should not exceed 2 mm.
  5. Parquet laying will go after it has lain in the room for 10 days. Installation is carried out in different patterns: herringbone, deck, checkers, squares, wicker, rhombuses, and other patterns.
  6. After the parquet installation is complete, the coating is ground and varnished. The parquet is left to dry for some time. If needed, you can then polish it.

Ask our managers about the price per square foot, and they will help you calculate your budget and offer the best option for your needs. We value every client, and we are constantly improving the quality of our service, expanding the range of services we provide.

Why should you order services from us?

Our company guarantees the quality of our work and always completes the process in the agreed timing. Our specialists are laying parquet flooring, and they have adequate experience and education. To make your parquet flooring last a long time, we strictly follow the required technological parameters and norms. We realize that fitting parquet flooring is not a pleasure to be cheap. That is why we provide the optimal cost of services and guarantee.
Cooperating with us, our clients receive:

  • High-quality provision of services.
  • Polite service.
  • Integrity and responsibility of our masters.
  • Ability to control each stage of work.
  • Possibility to order under-key parquet laying.
  • Free consultation on material selection.
  • Quick arrival of the master after left an application on our website.
  • Pleasant bonuses for regular clients.
  • Drawing up all necessary documents.

If you need parquet floor installation in the Netherlands (Holland), contact us. We will provide qualified masters who will carry out the installation and restoration of your parquet quickly and with high quality. We work with legal companies and individuals. Applications are accepted at our site 24 hours a day. Also, you can contact us in any convenient way. Upon request, we will send you a price list indicating the cost of all types of work.


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