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Turnkey repairs

It is only sometimes possible to personally make home repairs on a tight schedule or to devote sufficient time to planning and to control the construction team. In this case, it is recommended to trust the professionals and make a turnkey repair. For greater customer convenience, we offer turnkey repair services, providing our customers with a seamless and comfortable experience.

This type of service requires the client’s participation only at the initial stage in the development and approval of the project and, at the end when the object is put into operation. The customer receives full reporting throughout the entire time. He can participate personally only at his request. Upon completing the work, he will only have to ennoble the house with paintings and flowers and enjoy the apartment’s interior.

Main types of work

One of the areas of CBS Renovation is turnkey renovation in the Netherlands (Holland). The company comprehensively performs the work. The customer does not need to invite narrow specialists – electricians, tiles, and other professionals. Thanks to a close-knit team, CBS Renovation implements the most complex projects and ideas of customers, from design to commissioning.

Renovations in the Netherlands performed by the company’s specialists include:

  • dismantling: all types of wall, ceiling, and floor coverings, screeds, windows and doors, and partitions;
  • floors: screeding, laying laminate, parquet, carpet, linoleum, installing baseboards, polishing and varnishing parquet;
  • ceilings: installation of plasterboard ceilings, plastering, painting, decoration;
  • painting work: primer, putty, and topcoat;
  • carpentry: installation of doors, windows, window sills, stairs, and cabinets;
  • electrical and plumbing works;
  • insulation of walls and ceilings;
  • communications equipment – electricians, heating and air conditioning systems.

By ordering repair services in the Netherlands from CBS Renovation, the client receives a comprehensive implementation and an individual approach. In addition to internal work, specialists are engaged in external insulation of houses, roof repairs, and the construction of saunas, baths, and swimming pools. It is also possible to order refurbishment of individual rooms, such as the kitchen or bathroom.

Repair services stages

CBS Renovation guarantees an individual approach to each client according to a standard procedure, which can is described below:

1. Development of a design project after meeting with clients, discussing wishes, possibilities, and acceptable budget.
2. Prompt preparation and approval of the estimate: about three days.
3. Coordination on building and finishing materials and supplier approval.
4. Dismantling of old equipment, decoration, windows, and doors.
5. Repair or replacement of water supply, sewerage, and heating.
6. Inspecting and replacing electrical wiring: laying a new cable, wiring, and installing sockets and switches.
7. Arrangements of floors, walls, and ceilings.
8. Fine finishing: disposal of construction waste, decorative finishing.

In the final stage, the installation of plumbing, household, and lighting fixtures is carried out. A turnkey repair can be completed after the object’s delivery to the client.

Benefits of cooperation

CBS Renovation has been renovating in the Netherlands – in Hilversum, Amersfoort, Almere, Utrecht, and Amsterdam. Every year the client base expands, and the lists of regular customers are replenished. The advantages of cooperation with the company are obvious:

  • a wide range of repair and construction services;
  • qualified specialists with the necessary knowledge, experience, and professional skills;
  • strict control throughout the entire period of repair;
  • high speed of work without loss of quality.

The company provides a guarantee for work and an individual approach in each case, be it a cottage or studio apartment. Turnkey renovations are also a specialty offered by the company.

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