Ceiling installation

Ceiling installation in the Netherlands

In the premises of each room, a significant area is the ceiling. On the issue of its finishing, it is worthwhile to approach it with special attention and knowledge. Sometimes, even the most modern, perfectly furnished apartments can look untidy if the ceiling is not perfect. Ceiling work includes a wide range of services. Choosing the best option based on budget, wishes, and room style is relatively easy.

Ceiling finishing variants

All options for finishing the ceiling at home are divided into three groups. A key criterion in the classification was the cost of materials and services rendered. Divided:

  • Budgetary options — painting, whitewashing, wallpaper, and the possibility of installing a drywall ceiling. The use of affordable materials and the lack of need to attract skilled professionals reduce the budget
  • Durable and practical – require financial investments and a professional approach. Associated with the complexity and timing of installation work. Includes finishing the ceiling with decorative plaster, wood, or cork, the organization of suspended or stretched ceilings
  • Expensive, elite ceiling installation, which involves the use of high-priced materials, requires the knowledge and skills of the executors. This category includes mirrored, coffered ceilings, Venetian plaster, and sgraffito.

The choice and cost to replace ceilings all over the Netherlands depend on several factors. The operating mode and temperature conditions require special attention: to the characteristics of moisture resistance, environmental friendliness, and water vapor permeability. It is also too vivid for kitchens and bathrooms.

The room’s height will be decisive when choosing a suspended structure. According to technical standards, it will absorb a minimum of 10 cm. This indicator will not play in favor if we are talking about replacing the ceiling in low-level rooms. It is vivid to pay attention to the style of the interior and the budget. With complex multi-level ceilings, with all the desire and aspiration, it is impossible to mount their forces. Therefore, in most cases, ceiling installation in the Netherlands is delegated to professionals.

Advantages of cooperation with CBS Renovation

CBS Renovation provides a wide range of design, and construction work in Hilversum, Amersfoort, Almere, Utrecht, and Amsterdam. We have earned a reputation as a responsible contractor due to high-quality solutions to tasks of any complexity. The benefits of working with us include the following:

  • long-term experience in work;
  • affordable cost per square meter, invariably high quality of service;
  • honest, fair drawing up of an estimate;
  • high level of professionalism of each employee;
  • guarantee for any works performed;
  • individual approach to clients and quality control;
  • assistance in selecting and delivering construction materials to the site throughout Holland.

We develop individual solutions, considering clients’ wishes and requirements. We strive to perform work of high quality and promptly. We consult at the stage of project development, providing answers to service questions during implementation.

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