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Masonry Services in the Netherlands

Our company offers a comprehensive range of masonry services in the Netherlands, encompassing various aspects of masonry construction and renovation. We ensure excellence in every project we undertake. Our services include the installation of masonry for residential and commercial properties, as well as masonry renovation to restore and enhance existing structures. From brick and stone work to concrete constructions, our skilled team delivers precise and expertly crafted results.

Types of masonry and their advantages in the Netherlands

Stonemasonry is a construction of stacked stones and blocks in a concrete order. The elements are bound together by mortar, paste, or special glue. The masonry cladding is carried out only by professionals with extensive experience in this field of activity.

Our company provides stonework services in the Netherlands (Holland) at competitive prices. We guarantee complete work and provide services promptly in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Hilversum, The Hague, Rotterdam, Breda, and Eindhoven. You can take orders online 24 hours a day, seven days a week, on the company’s website.

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Types of stonemasonry

The masonry in the Netherlands (Holland) construction that we offer is formally divided into types and depends on the design of the stonework in apartments. Masonry home is made of different materials, such as:

1. Brick masonry – is made of silicate, ceramic, clinker, and fireclay bricks. The brickwork unit has 250, 380, 510, and 640 millimeters thickness. The types of masonry jobs are divided: into spoon, chain, multi-row dressing, and lightened dressing. Brickwork pointing is installed with longitudinal and transverse joints.
2. Concrete masonry uses a mixture of concrete, where the stones are horizontally rammed from the butte. The volume of stones is 50% of the total area of the facing. According to the manual for the installation, masonry stones inc and concrete are placed in a 25 centimeters-thick layer. It also leaves a 4 to the 6-cm gap between the objects and the formwork.
3. Mace masonry is unique in that it allows you to create incredible beauty patterns. Stonemasonry wall is made of stones of different shapes and diameters. As a result, you get a model that is not similar to other related projects because each stone is unique.
4. Stucco masonry is expensive since molding is done manually, mostly from clay. The use of polyurethane elements helps cheaper installation.

Feel free to leave an application on our website if you are interested in stonemasonry construction and want to create a unique interior at home. Our specialist will contact you for further cooperation. We stipulate the required timing of arrival of the master for assessing the property.

Therefore, in most cases, ceiling installation in the Netherlands is delegated to professionals.

The advantages of masonry

Dynamix masonry has many advantages:

  • The ability to use different materials for cladding.
  • Wide design possibilities.
  • The masonry installation allows you to hide the irregularities of the building, giving the appearance of impeccable and original.
  • For stonemasonry jobs, we provide a quality guarantee and a certificate for the materials used.

Van masonry will never go out of style. The different material shades and high-quality installation will immediately show a decent result.

Why is it better to turn to professionals?

Our company, unlike other masonry companies, has a long-standing presence in the market. The quality of our masonry services is evident from the positive feedback in customer reviews. Use the convenient order form on the website or the callback form to order a service. Our motto is to satisfy all our customers. Therefore, we employ only specialists in their field.

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