Electric installation work in the Netherlands

Electrical works are the main in the spectrum to conduct the repair and construction work. After all, their quality affects the comfort and safety of working and people living in the building. Electrical installation is carried out by a specialist of high profile. They proceed to work only after the final estimate on the condition of residential or commercial property. The quality of the work depends on this figure. If you urgently require a repair electrical wiring, feel free to leave an application on this site. Our company provides all service electric in the following cities: Amsterdam, Utrecht, Hilversum, The Hague, Rotterdam, Breda, Eindhoven.

Services of our company

We provide services from minor repairs to electrical installations. We have a lot of experience in this field, as evidenced by the positive reviews of our clients. The work is carried out by an electrician, taking into account the load on the network in your home. You can also make an agreement with us about servicing and always be sure that your electrical wiring will not short out due to power surges and will not cause a fire.

Our electrical installation service in the Netherlands (Holland) are affordable in cost and consist of:

· Urgent call for a master at home.
· Conducting an expert assessment of the state of the wiring.
· Receiving advice, which is carried out by a construction electrician.
· Diagnosis of electrical networks and their maintenance in working order.
· Electric installation work of varying complexity.

All services are provided at the agreed timing. After all, we employ professionals who know all the nuances of the specific work, so the problems are eliminated promptly.

Our commercial electrical contractors in the Netherlands (Holland) carry out works:

1. Installation and replacement of RCDs.
2. Drilling into walls.
3. Installation of electric meters.
4. Electrical installation.
5. Grounding.
6. Transferring the electric meter.
7. Connecting generators and appliances.
8. Electrical construction and maintenance facilities.
9. Dismantling of old and installation of new wiring.
10. Repair of old outlets and switches.

Electrical company services in the Netherlands (Holland) are carried out in any type of building. The work is provided with a guarantee.

Particular attention is paid to laying wiring in wooden houses. For insulation, we use non-combustible materials. And even in the case of a short circuit will not give the fire. The material for electrical installation is chosen solely for the type of building and type of laying.

Why is it better to contact our company?

We are constantly working to improve customer service, so electrical installation contractors regularly take courses to improve their skills. It is important because we live in an era of technological development. And there is new equipment on the market that can supply electricity to buildings more economically and efficiently.

Just leave an application on the website of our company, to order services. And we will call you back. The master will come to the object at a strictly specified time and, after evaluation, will let you know the approximate cost of the work. Also, we can order the price list, which gives the exact price of each service.

Every client really matters to us. We have a whole staff of honest employees, thoroughly knowledgeable in their field to keep up with everything. Do not do your own wiring and do not chase a low price, dubious contractors. Wiring requires special knowledge and proper installation because your safety depends on it.


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