Underfloor heating installation in the Netherlands

The underfloor heating system is rather popular nowadays because it increases comfort and keeps the room warm. Our underfloor heating contractors in the Netherlands will help you correctly calculate the number of materials you need and carry out the work in the agreed timing.

Our company provides services for underfloor heating installation in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Hilversum, The Hague, Rotterdam, Breda, Eindhoven. The cost depends on the laying area.

Benefits of underfloor heating

By installing warm floors in your home, you first and foremost save your budget on utility bills. The floors help:

1. Uniformly distribute heat.
2. They are safe to use.
3. It looks aesthetically pleasing.
4. Reduce the cost of heating a room by up to 50%.
5. Create a sense of comfort, especially in the bathroom.

The service life of electric underfloor heating is long. So once you spend money on their installation, you will enjoy the heat coming from them for a long time.

The floor temperature works with the help of a sensor. Even at maximum, it will not burn your feet but only give you a pleasant feeling of enjoyment.

Are you interested in underfloor heating systems? Then contact us. Our specialist will correctly calculate the number of mats and help you choose the radiant based on the complexity of the room and the type of floor covering. We also install water underfloor heating under tiles, under laminate, and other coverings.

What do we include in the service?

If you require a heating floor, our professionals are here to help. We have engineers with extensive experience, so we are responsible for the quality of the work, providing a guarantee. The list of services includes:

· Call for an expert of the room where you want to install the system.
· Preparatory work to align the surface for electrical mats.
· Wiring and installation of mats.
· Insulation of heating elements.
· Checking the system for proper operation.
· Installing the main floor covering.

Our company carries out the underfloor heating installation in the Netherlands (Holland) inexpensively. The cost of work depends on the size of the room, the complexity of the design, and the future of the floor covering. If you are planning a warm floor installation sub of hardwood, the insulation will be different than under the floor of ceramic tiles. It is due to the level of fire resistance of the flooring.

Why do you need to use our services

When you order underfloor heating in our company, you get quality services at a pleasantly affordable price. An expert will certainly evaluate the condition of the room and offer the best course of action based on the customer’s budget. We are working on the result, so installing electric underfloor heating is carried out only by professionals.

After the complete work, our expert arrives for a mandatory estimate on the efficiency and safety of the system. For us, it is important that the electric underfloor heating satisfies the request of the client. You can make an order for a floor heating system right now by contacting us in a convenient way or by leaving a request on our website.

At the client’s request, we always provide a price list with the approximate cost of services which can vary depending on the complexity of the work and the material used. Only an expert can accurately estimate the cost of installing underfloor heating for your premises after examining the room.


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