Stucco refinishing in the Netherlands

Our company carries out repair works of any complexity. Plaster moulding is in demand among our clients nowadays, as it hides surface irregularities and makes the room design expressive.

Stucco refinishing requires skill, so the work is carried out by professionals. Thanks to the finish, the ceiling can be made lower or higher, uneven corners, joints, and cracks that are not in harmony with openings and walls can be concealed. Services are available in: Amsterdam, Utrecht, Hilversum, The Hague, Rotterdam, Breda, Eindhoven.

Stucco in the interior

Stucco wall finish decorates apartments, creating a 3D effect. It immediately attracts the eye, making the interior majestic. The moulding of the ornaments is made with plaster. The work is performed by a plasterer with appropriate experience, and a guarantee is given for the complete job. The elements made of gypsum can have different shapes and shades by using different shapes and colors. Stucco pan is unique in that it can always be given any shade when you change the interior room. To do this, simply repaint the element in the desired color.

Our stucco masters in the Netherlands (Holland) use molding to hide piping, ventilation systems, and other inaccuracies in the interior. They are using the finish for the ceiling lamp decor, provide a comfortable diffused light.

Stucco gypsum plaster serves longer due to its durability and resistance to mechanical damage and moisture. Masters use the finish in any room; it looks elegant in the office, children’s room, living room, bedroom, bathroom, and other rooms. You can view the interior design on the website of our company. If you can not decide on the design, our stucco experts in the Netherlands (Holland) will pick up the style exclusively for your interior and financial capabilities.

Production and installation of stucco

Before we start the work, our specialist will visit the object for its inspection. For high-quality work on the condition of the premises the object requires estimation. Ceilings and walls must be examined for damage. Before we start the work, all the imperfections on the surfaces are removed so that the stucco masonry looks perfect. The process is carried out in several stages:

– Creation of the layout. The master creates a drawing and makes a mold for moulding.

– The designer creates a sketch of the project, which shows the room’s appearance with stucco masonry. For leveling the surface for stucco plastering, a high-quality stucco plaster is used.

– A modeling is made. The elements are made according to the sketch and the estimate, indicating the cost of services and materials. Stucco specialist casts the detail in clay or plasticine, making the transition mold where this detail goes. The molded part is polished to remove any irregularities.

– Replication and molding. Using a mold, the master makes the desired number of elements according to the sketch, using a mold for mass production.

– Installation. Stucco finish is made of already made parts. The decor is attached to any surface that is pre-wetted with a brush or sprayer. The element is incised to hold well. After installation, the seams are sealed with a special mortar. Then before painting the detail, the grouting is done.

Our specialists use it for finishing and repairing wallease, which improves the quality of work and increases the service life of the decor.

How to make an order?

Do you need stucco and plastering to create an exclusive interior at home? Then use the services of our company. We carry out the works on a well-established timetable promptly in timing. Orders for services are accepted on the company’s website and the phone numbers listed in the contacts. Also, you can contact us by e-mail.

Working with us, you will get quality services at affordable prices. We employ reputable employees, so you can safely order stucco and other types of repair work on a turnkey basis.

The cost of the work is calculated individually for each client. It depends on the complexity of the ornament, the materials used, and the area of the room.


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