Laying laminate flooring in the Netherlands

Laminate flooring blends elegantly into the interior of the room. It has a wide range of colors, imitating different types of wood. Such a coating has good wear resistance and a beautiful appearance. The cost of laminate depends on its characteristics. Moisture-resistant and resistant to heavy loads will cost more. Therefore, to save money, choose coverage for each room individually. To ensure that the laminate flooring installation will bring joy, contact only professionals. Our company employs specialists who have experience installing floors from different materials. We perform the work at the agreed timing and give the quality and a guarantee.

We provide services in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Hilversum, The Hague, Rotterdam, Breda, Eindhoven. You can place orders online 24 hours a day and seven days a week. The average cost of laying laminate flooring you can learn from the managers.

Stages of laminate flooring installation

The process of installing laminate flooring requires skill, patience, and accuracy. If you do not know how to install laminate flooring, it is better not to do it. Before you start installing the flooring, you should estimate the area of the room, what will be the load, and the humidity in the room. For example, the bathroom, basement, and kitchen have high humidity, so you may require a moisture-resistant laminate. The cost of such coverage is higher than usual. And here for the bedroom flooring, you can choose resistant to heavy loads, since the chest of drawers and bed has a lot of weight. The hallway needs laminate resistance to mechanical damage since this room will be shoemaking and scratch the ground with shoes. At first glance, laminate floor laying seems simple and easy, but it is not so. The installation consists of several steps:

  • Remove the old bad coating. It applies to wooden floors. If there is rot, then we remove the boards. If the ground are in good condition, we lay a laminate floor on top of the boards.
  • On the surface, mount USB with the obligatory laying of the underlayment, which will protect the boards from moisture.
  •  For laying a laminate floor, the amount of laminate per square foot is strictly calculated.
  • The handyman lays the laminate flooring following the sequence. Each board has a lock, which attaches.
  • After the work, we complete a visual inspection for defects, and if we find any, we eliminate them.

The price for the services depends on the work done and the area of the room. Therefore, our managers can guide you approximately how much it will cost to putting in laminate flooring. But a more precise cost will be announced by an expert after examining the object.

Why you should contact our company

Turning to us, you get good service. We hold the laying of laminate flooring in the Netherlands (Holland) at the highest level. Specialists will help you choose the necessary material according to the characteristics; we take your budget and the room features into account. The company has been on the market for a long time, so it has received positive feedback from customers.  Our professionals know how to lay laminate flooring in the Netherlands, regardless of the peculiarities of the old coating.

With us, you can order services on a turnkey basis. We guarantee the integrity and honesty of our employees. We can lay laminate flooring in old and new buildings, commercial and residential. Our goal is to bring customer satisfaction through quality service. We accept orders on the site 24/7, and you can also use the feedback form.


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