Renovation in the Netherlands

Home renovation is not a major overhaul. This is a special type of construction, the purpose of which is to change the parameters of a building, a room, up to its purpose. Renovation requires an analysis of the condition of buildings, communications and infrastructure, a thorough study of all aspects, a rigorous analysis of the implementation of multifaceted tasks. CBS Renovation has the necessary experience and capacity to carry out all stages of this work. One of the company’s activities is reconstruction in the Netherlands (Holland), in Hilversum, Amersfoort, Almere, Utrecht, Amsterdam according to an individually developed plan.

When you need renovation of buildings and structures

Reconstruction is aimed at rebuilding existing facilities. The construction plan includes the replacement of structures, engineering systems, worn out technological and engineering equipment.

As agreed with the customer, the renovation has different goals:

  • re-profiling of a building – changing the functional purpose of an object;
  • change of number of storeys and height of floors;
  • reduction or change in the area of ​​objects;
  • changing the structures and location of walls, partitions, staircases, door and window openings;
  • reconstruction of the roof, foundation, facade.

The reconstruction of houses in the Netherlands is carried out in accordance with modern environmental, technical and sanitary requirements and standards.

Reconstruction procedure

The CBS Renovation company carries out a full range of works on the reconstruction of houses and apartments. A well-established algorithm is a guarantee of timely services that fully meet the customer’s expectations:

  • Pre-design stage. Our professionals are sure to inspect the property. To make an appointment, you just need to contact the representatives of the company by phone. At this stage, a detailed analysis of the object is carried out, technically possible solutions are considered, and documents are reviewed. At the same stage, geological foreclosures are also carried out: an expert will assess the condition of the soil, features of the relief.
  • Within three days, specialists develop an action plan, a sequence of tasks, and make an estimate.
  • House renovation service in the Netherlands is possible after agreeing on the project and budget with the customer, signing the contract.
  • Preparation for the implementation of the project includes the purchase of construction and finishing materials, the organization of their supply to the site. At the request of the customer himself can be engaged in the selection and supply of materials. But it is worth considering that CBS Renovation has many years of experience in cooperation with leading manufacturers and dealers: this allows us to supply the best building materials at excellent prices for objects.

The facility is put into operation after commissioning. Qualified technicians check the functionality of equipment and systems. Reconstruction of apartments in the Netherlands, houses, commercial real estate is carried out with minimal involvement of the client in the process, but with full reporting on the progress of work.

Benefits of cooperation

CBS Renovation is a guarantee of a good result and full compliance of the work performed with the declared in the project. Working in the Netherlands for several years, the company has firmly established its niche in the construction market due to the following advantages:

  • a staffed base of employees, contractors, suppliers, which allows you to implement projects quickly and accurately;
  • strict adherence to the budget, in case of force majeure – full coordination with the customer;
  • an integrated approach involving proven reliable contractors;
  • an individual approach to each customer and object.

Until the building is put into operation, CBS Renovation carries out strict control over the timing, quality of materials and work.


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