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CBS Renovation realizes the garden of your dreams, from garden design to construction

In addition to renovating or building a home, commercial property or commercial building, the team at CBS Renovation is also happy to work for you on the accompanying garden design. In this way, a complete makeover of both the interior and exterior of the property and its surroundings can be taken off our team’s hands. Garden design is all about designing a garden that, on the one hand, meets your needs in terms of function and maintenance, and on the other hand, from an aesthetic point of view, completely matches your wishes. Do you want to preserve space for a large lawn, or are you going for a garden with many summer flowering shrubs that will provide your garden with brightly colored flowers in the summer?

A garden designer can take the worry out of designing your garden, and then realize the design. This can include thinking about the style to be maintained. Will we design from a certain style (think of Japanese or Provencal gardens) or will we just draw a timeless design so that after the construction of your garden, you can use it for years to come? Of course our specialists will think along with you about the types of trees, plants, flowers and ornaments that will be placed in the garden. This advice will be based on your wishes, but also the location of the garden (number of hours of sunlight in a day) and the type of soil will be taken into account. It will also take into account your available budget and the time period set aside for realizing the garden design.

“Immerse yourself in a world of complete and exclusive garden design possibilities and let CBS Renovation create a garden that enhances the look and feel of your home or commercial property.”


Working method at garden design

We would describe our working method as a symphony in which we combine a client’s diverse wishes with our experience, knowledge and the wide range of skills of our garden designers to arrive at a total solution.

Define basic elements and functional areas

Our specialists will visit the site, draw up a plan, note the characteristics of the property and work with you to identify some basic elements and functional areas (such as a lawn, place for a garden set or canopy) that should be present in your garden in all cases. Some examples of elements to include in your garden design include:

  • Extended lawn
  • Area for planting
  • Outdoor kitchen
  • Canopy under which to create a lounge area
  • Playground for the children
  • Pond
  • Paths and driveways
  • An animal house like a chicken run, bee hive or a goat house
  • Sauna in the garden
  • Garden shed or guesthouse

The complete picture including cost indication and time schedule

After this, the imagination can be given free rein. We combine your wishes with our creativity and experience and work out a proposal on how the rest of the garden can be designed, how the functional areas will be integrated and how the desired style will be the common thread in it. Our specialists have extensive experience in landscape design. We will coordinate all details with you in advance. You can count on our professionalism. In addition to the design, we coordinate timing and price with you.

Realization of the garden design

If you agree with the design, the cost estimate and time schedule, we will start working for you. Our main task here is to create an appropriate garden based on your vision and preferences. Our dedicated team of garden designers works tirelessly to realize the design you have always dreamed of. We make every effort to ensure that the landscaping process goes according to plan. From the initial consultation, where our garden designers gather essential information, to the completion of the project; we are here to help you and ensure the quality of the work delivered. We try to put as little burden as possible on you as the client during the landscaping process. However, we do keep you well informed of the progress through continuous reporting.

We are happy to make a cost estimate without any obligation

Examples garden design projects

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