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Nieuwbouw WoningenNew build homes in Breukelen, a picturesque town in the Dutch province of Utrecht. Known for its rural charm and rich history. Surrounded by lush nature and the calming waters of the Vecht River.

How can we help?

If you hire us as a construction company in Breukelen, we ensure that the project runs smoothly. The approach we adopt could be described as a symphony. In this symphony, the diverse wishes of a client are combined with our knowledge, experience, and the broad range of skills of our team members. You can entrust us with various tasks, including painting, garden design, expansion, renovation, or building of your home. In this way, we come up with a total solution for your project in Breukelen. During the construction process, we make sure to significantly relieve you, the client. This allows you to focus on other matters without experiencing stress.

You can turn to CBS Renovation for a wide range of construction and renovation work, ranging from relatively simple renovation jobs to more complex new construction projects. Visit one of the pages below to learn more about each type of service:

  • Commercial construction contractor
  • Service and maintenance
  • Residential construction Contractor
  • New construction contractor
  • Renovation contractor
  • Real estate transformation

Of course, we are also happy to speak to you in person to tell you more about the possibilities for your situation. Feel free to contact us for this:

We are happy to make a non-binding quotation for you

CBS Renovation specializes in renovations, refurbishments and new construction projects. Our services include:

Our services include:

Why hire our construction company for your project in Breukelen?

  • Save time and energy: we take responsibility for coordinating and planning work, checking logistics and budget, saving you time and effort.
  • Openness in communication and calculations: we not only provide transparent cost calculations during the execution of work but also maintain open communication about progress. We engage frequently and intensively with our clients, allowing us to continuously listen to their wishes and tailor our work accordingly.
  • Experience and knowledge to build on: our experts have local and international construction experience and are familiar with local regulations. This allows us to efficiently approach construction projects and adhere to timelines. Moreover, we can purchase the necessary building materials at competitive prices thanks to our strong relationships with various suppliers.
  • Guarantee: we perform various checks during the construction process to ensure the quality of our work. We trust in the quality we deliver and therefore offer a guarantee on our work.
  • Financial picture under control: we ensure that the projected costs are met and keep an eye on the budget you have allocated.
  • Satisfied clients: our professional and customer-focused approach leads to high client satisfaction. This is evidenced by the fact that over fifty percent of our assignments come from (referrals from) previous clients. Visit our page on Erkend Vakwerk to read reviews from clients who have gone before you.
Aannemer Hilversum
Aannemer Hilversum
Aannemer Hilversum

Previous successful projects

Besides Breukelen, we also operate in Utrecht, Hilversum, and other places in ‘t Gooi. Our team has successfully completed various projects in the provinces of North Holland and Utrecht. The videos below give you an impression of these projects and our craftsmanship.

Construction company near Breukelen, for private and business parties

Whether you are a private individual or representing a business party and want to realize your refurbishment, extension, renovation, or new construction plans in Breukelen; you can count on the team of CBS Renovation. From painting, plumbing, plastering and masonry work, to installing underfloor heating systems or working out a garden design: our highly experienced specialists are ready for the task. If your needs or the number of jobs you want our team to perform change, no problem, we are flexible and have the capacity to scale up.

We are CBS Renovation

CBS Renovation is a contractor and remodeler with a personal touch. Our team members are highly experienced and can successfully complete complex assignments. They do so by working hard, six days a week. Our professional roots go back to 1995, over time we developed certain core values.

Our core values:

    We are ready to start on your project

    CBS Renovation offers flexible architectural and interior design services, and a customized approach that fits your vision for your project.

    We are happy to make a non-binding quotation for you

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